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Landlord pays £27,000 for breaches after tenants' lucky escape 08/03/2011

A landlord has been ordered to pay £20,000 in fines after a fire caused his tenants to flee the property for their lives. On 24 April last year, six tenants were forced to escape the upstairs flats during an electrical fire which took 50 firefighters to extinguish. Investigations found the blaze was started by faulty electrics and that it was not connected with a Thai restaurant on the ground floor of the property.  more info

Landlord fined for fire safety breaches at HMO 14/10/2010

A private sector landlord has been fined for breaching fire safety regulations and managing a 'house of multiple occupation' without a license. Mr Warwick Armsby-Ward pleaded guilty at Brighton Magistrates Court and was fined £2,000, plus £750 costs. more info

Landlord convicted of ‘life threatening’ fire safety breaches 28/09/2010

The landlord of a Berkshire pub which was described as "potentially life-threatening" has pleaded guilty to 13 offences under the Fire Safety Order. Bhupinder jit Singh Mann of Slough was ordered to pay more than £13,000 in fines and costs as the former proprietor of the 2nd Stop pub in Stoke Road, Slough, which also included sleeping accommodation. more info