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  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment
Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment... 



To comply with the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, it is a legal requirement to conduct a fire risk assessment.

Owners, Directors and Managing Agents could face imprisonment and/or personal prosecutions as a consequence of non-compliance. You are also at risk of invalidating your insurance cover.

Be under no illusions, the Fire Authority are making prosecutions.

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How we can help....

Our Fire Risk Assessments are designed to meet the specific requirements of your premises and will meet all the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

We offer our clients two levels of fire safety consultancy, standard service and full consultancy; the content of the fire risk assessments for both levels of service is identical. This ensures that our clients receive the best possible service that meets their organisational requirements.

All our assessments are qualitative in design and format, following the 5 step risk assessment process as recommended by the Health and Safety Executive and the Employers' Guide Published by the Home Office. Our risk assessments also satisfy the recommendations of PAS 79:2007, the Publicly Available Specification - Fire Risk Assessments Guidance and a Recommended Methodology.

  • Step One: Identification of the Fire Hazards
  • Step Two: Identifying Persons at Risk
  • Step Three: Evaluation of the Risks (Eliminate, Reduce or Control)
  • Step Four: Recording of the Significant Findings
  • Step Five: Monitor and Review Process

Our fire safety risk assessment audit process covers in excess of 160 questions to identify any significant findings. These are recorded and a risk analysis conducted to arrive at a risk rating. A comprehensive action plan is then produced with realistic time scales for completion and review, providing the client with a range of options to meet their legal obligations and ensuring the most appropriate cost benefit solution.

All our fire risk assessments can include a fire emergency plan as required by the Fire Safety Order 2005. Extensive research is then undertaken and references made to relevant Guides, Codes of Practice and British Standards. The fire risk assessment is then sent to the client as a professionally bound document.

Why choose us as your Fire Risk Assessor?

As an employer or responsible person YOU will always remain responsible for the outcome of the fire risk assessment.

It is for this reason that you will not want to trust this critical service to just anyone. Our client base speaks for itself where almost every building category are trusting us with their fire safety legal obligations.

All our fire safety consultants have extensive fire service backgrounds and have industry recognized qualifications. Our assessments are covered by professional indemnity insurance.

This provides our clients with what we consider to be an unrivalled level of Fire Safety Expertise, Advice and Service. We intend to make the legal compliance process as smooth and hassle free as possible so that you as our client have peace of mind in ensuring that your workplace is a safer environment. Our credentials are impeccable, and our service unbeatable.

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