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Does My Business Need Fire Safety Signs?

Every business owner knows they require safety notices as part of their Health and Safety procedures, so that people can find what they need in an emergency, quickly and easily. The questions are, what are the best types of signs, and where are the best places to put these signs, such as fire extinguisher signs?


Fire Safety Signs: The Good, The Bad and The Unreadable.

Go to any hotel, and you'll find the fire safety sign where it should be, on the back of your room door. Just think about that for a moment. Who said there should be a fire safety sign for a door? Why not on the wall, or on the floor? The answer is, the hotel fire safety sign is where people need it to be.

Essential Fire Safety Signs for Your Business.

Think of the signage every business needs; fire exit, assembly point, fire equipment location, and so on. You can put them up yourself, but can you be confident they are in the best strategic position possible? Advanced Fire Technologies can help. Our team of properly trained and qualified engineers know just where to place a sign to save precious seconds in an emergency - and perhaps save someone's life too.

Effective Fire Signage for Your Business - In Every Situation.

Health and Safety regulations stipulate that signage must be properly maintained and well lit at all times, but what happens when the power fails and the lights go out?

What Are Photoluminescent Safety Signs?

Photoluminescent safety signs absorb ambient fluorescent light to enable them to ‘glow' from one hour up to ten hours in the absence of any light source. Needless to say, the signs themselves are inherently fire retardant.

How Can Photoluminescent Signs Increase Safety in My Premises?

In dark and smoky conditions, these power-free signs and will guide your staff to safety or to the location of fire alarm and extinguishing equipment.

Remember........ fires don't always occur in daylight!

What are the Best Fire Safety Signs for My Premises?

Advanced Fire Technologies are happy to advise any business, large or small, on their fire and safety signage. We carry stocks of all fire and safety signs. Just contact us now on 0844 911 9991 for a free consultation.

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